100th Birthday Party Set for Truck Manufactured by John Deere’s Grandson

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum will host a 100th Birthday party for its 1917 Velie truck on Friday, July 14th at 2:30 pm.  The event will coincide with this year’s Walcott Truckers Jamboree, July 13-15.  The public is welcome to attend the celebration.

“Willard Velie was the founder of The Velie Motor Company, Moline, Illinois and grandson to John Deere.  Most people remember Velie as a buggy and car manufacturer, but the company also built trucks and airplanes”, says Dave Meier, museum curator. “This particular truck is one of only five known to still exist. It was originally used in New Mexico to haul mining equipment and supplies from Silver City to Mogollon. When we found it, the truck was in pieces. We restored it and are fortunate to be able to bring it display it so close to its place of origin.”

Originally founded as the Velie Carriage Company in 1902, and later renamed The Velie Motor Company, the company produced vehicles in Moline, Illinois from 1908 – 1928.